Dallas Flower Shops Set the Mood with Wholesale Glass Vases

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 3:48:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

In Dallas wholesale glass vases can really provide an extra pop of color or style without adding a great deal of cost to your project. Crafting just the perfect look for brides, corporate gatherings or other special events is tough if you’re confined to basic and boring clear or white vases that don’t have any sort of style or personality. One of the ways that Dallas flower shops can set themselves apart from the competition is by offering a unique take on the boring and basic design that many florists offer.

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Miami Interior Designers Bring Wholesale Glass Vases into Projects

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 2:56:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

When designers in Miami are looking for simple ideas to add modern touches to rooms, they turn to wholesale glass vases for inspiration; using ZX Décor products as the main source for their projects. The affordable and beautiful designs that are available allow designers to bring their vision to life and create a simple and beautiful look that homeowners love and that will never be basic and boring. Designers are finding ways to incorporate it into nearly every room of the homes they design: from entryways and living rooms to kitchens and even bathrooms. Learn more about the versatile style options that Miami designers love.



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Wholesale Glass Vases for Atlanta Events

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 12:43:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

One of the biggest and busiest cities in the entire United States, there are plenty of exciting events going on in Atlanta each and every day. If you happen to live in or around Atlanta and you work in the design world, you know just how wonderful this vibrant city can be. Buying wholesale glass vases for Atlanta events can be challenging – until you settle on ZX Décor as your supplier for all of your design needs. With a selection of glass vases in addition to wooden items, ceramics, and more, ZX Décor has everything you could possibly need to create a beautiful design either indoors or out.

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Find the Best Wholesale Glass Vases San Francisco Has to Offer

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 12:40:09 AM America/Los_Angeles

San Francisco is known for a lot of things, including the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, its diverse culture, and its crowded streets. Another thing this great city is known for its its taste for art and design. A quick walk around the city will reveal beautiful architecture among the old houses that can be found throughout San Francisco. While it might not amount to great architecture, using wholesale glass vases in San Francisco for a design project will allow you to take part in a small piece of the overall culture.
Glass vases are a powerful tool when you are building a design simply because of how versatile they can be. Are you hosting an outdoor event and you need to decorate the tables that will seat your guests? Some wholesale glass vases for a San Francisco party could be just the right touch to bring everything together. Maybe you are having an indoor event to allow your guests to stay warm on those cool San Francisco evenings? Just the same, glass vases are a perfect way to display flowers, hold candles, and much, much more. In fact, you will have a hard time finding something that a glass vase can’t do from a design perspective.

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Make Your Flowers Last Longer Using These Tips and Tricks

Monday, November 30, 2015 11:33:51 PM America/Los_Angeles

The beauty of a fresh bouquet of flowers is hard to match. Whether you have purchased the flowers for someone special in your life, or you simply brought them home to liven up a room, you want to make those flowers last for as long as possible. Obviously, once flowers have been cut, they have a limited amount of time before they wilt away.

Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to allow flowers to last as long as possible.

Standard Additives
Of course you are going to place your cut flowers in water when you display them around your home or even at the office. However, if you go an extra step and mix in some additives to the water, you may be able to keep the flowers looking great for a few extra days. Some of the possible options for additives include soda, apple cider vinegar, sugar, and more. Even just a tablespoon or two of these items mixed in with your vase water can go a long way.

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How to Make Glass Vases

Monday, November 30, 2015 11:22:33 PM America/Los_Angeles

Glass vases can be seen in an almost endless number of applications. While the vases we sell here at ZX Décor are commonly used for events like wedding receptions and birthday parties, the fact of the matter is that glass vases can be used in nearly any setting to add class and elegance to the room. Whether you want to display a fresh bunch of flowers or display a beautiful candle, a quality glass vase could be the right tool for the job.

But how are those vases made? Have you ever stopped to consider what does into the process of creating all of the different shapes and sizes of vases that are on the market today? At ZX Décor, we make it our job to know exactly how vases are made, and what makes certain vases better than others.

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