In Dallas wholesale glass vases can really provide an extra pop of color or style without adding a great deal of cost to your project. Crafting just the perfect look for brides, corporate gatherings or other special events is tough if you’re confined to basic and boring clear or white vases that don’t have any sort of style or personality. One of the ways that Dallas flower shops can set themselves apart from the competition is by offering a unique take on the boring and basic design that many florists offer. Weddings These days, many weddings have a theme as well as a color scheme, and when you choose wholesale glass vases , you know that you’re always offering your brides some of the most unique and beautiful designs on the market. Creating the flowers for a wedding can place a great deal of pressure on Dallas flower shops and businesses, so knowing that your glass vase provider is trustworthy lets you know that you’re certain to get just the vases you ordered, when you ordered them—which is especially important for a dated event such as a wedding. The wide variety of vases that are available allow you to match the vases to an elegant theme with tall and graceful vases to a more rustic theme by using simply yet stunning ceramic pots as your focal point. Corporate Locations Many organizations in the Dallas area choose to have fresh flowers delivered on a regular basis. However, no business wants to go through the trouble and expense of having flowers delivered if they’re going to be placed in a boring pot! Instead, offer your corporate clients a classically styled cylindrical glass vase with specks of gold or a fascinating tiger print. The possibilities are limitless for a Dallas flower to shop to match the interior décor of local offices when they’re considering floral deliveries. Interior Décor Creating a look for a special occasion can be made simple when you work with ZX Decor to find just the perfect vase. From glass candleholders to stunning display vases, Dallas flower shops will be able to outfit their clients in style when styled flowers are coordinated with the hundreds of varieties of glass vases that we offer. No matter the reason, adding a glass vase to any project is sure to make it special. Designers know that offering unique vase options to their clients makes good business sense—because clients love to see a finished product of the vase and the flowers together before they make a purchasing decision. If you are a flower shop in Dallas, don’t hesitate to incorporate our products into your projects.