When designers in Miami are looking for simple ideas to add modern touches to rooms, they turn to wholesale glass vases for inspiration; using ZX Décor products as the main source for their projects. The affordable and beautiful designs that are available allow designers to bring their vision to life and create a simple and beautiful look that homeowners love and that will never be basic and boring.

Designers are finding ways to incorporate it into nearly every room of the homes they design: from entryways and living rooms to kitchens and even bathrooms. Learn more about the versatile style options that Miami designers love. Glass Entryway Vase Setting an eye-catching glass vase right inside your entryway and filling it with fresh flowers is one way that you can really draw people in to your home and make them feel incredibly welcome. Whether you decide to go with flowers or a more durable option such as branches, stones or other natural elements, Miami designers are known for bringing the brilliant colors of nature into the home. Tropical greenery can provide a pop of color, yet is still much longer lasting than traditional flowers—as well as bringing the feeling of the beach right through the door. Kitchens and Dining Rooms Designers in Miami will take a special delight in finding brightly colored glass vases that will work as a dining room centerpiece or as a conversation piece in a client’s kitchen. Each of these projects are different, yet for the centerpiece specifically—designers may find themselves in need of more than one glass vase for their project. Finding more than one vase that will work for the space could be challenging, unless you’re working with us. Vase Ideas for Bathrooms Even bathrooms can get in on the fun with clear or colored apothecary vases in a variety of sizes and styles. Creating just the right grouping of vases can really set off a bathroom, and designers are sure to enjoy having the options provided for glass vases. Looking for something with a little more color? Tall and small ceramic vases can offer you a range of styles and colors to choose from, while also being a little sturdier than their thinner glass counterparts. This is especially important if there are children in the home as you don’t want to risk them getting hurt. Designers need to know that their glass vase vendor will be able to deliver exactly the product that they want, in the timeline that they need to receive it—or they will risk disappointing their customer. If you don’t want to worry about deliveries or lost shipments, work with ZX Decor for all your Miami design needs.