Glass vases can be seen in an almost endless number of applications. While the vases we sell here at ZX Décor are commonly used for events like wedding receptions and birthday parties, the fact of the matter is that glass vases can be used in nearly any setting to add class and elegance to the room. Whether you want to display a fresh bunch of flowers or display a beautiful candle, a quality glass vase could be the right tool for the job.

But how are those vases made? Have you ever stopped to consider what does into the process of creating all of the different shapes and sizes of vases that are on the market today? At ZX Décor, we make it our job to know exactly how vases are made, and what makes certain vases better than others.

The Basics
To start with, you obviously need glass before you can have a glass vase. Making glass has changed very little over the thousands of years since its invention, although modern methods are certainly faster and more reliable than they were centuries ago. Silica sand is the main ingredient that is found in glass. Silica is desirable for glass thanks to its extremely high melting point. Other ingredients that are frequently found in glass include lime, sodium carbonate, lead, and iron, among others. The precise ingredient list will depend on where in the world the glass is being made, and what the final purpose of the glass is going to be.

Applying the Heat
Without heat, there will be no glass to use to make a vase. Once all of the ingredients have been added to the mix in the proper proportions, the minerals are melted together at extremely high temperatures – in the range of 1700*C. To apply that kind of heat, a furnace of some kind is used, often run on either coal, gas, or electricity. Once this tremendous amount of heat has been applied to the mixture, it can then be formed into the desired shape for the final product. In this case, the glass is shaped into vases of various sizes before it is allowed to cool and harden. The end result is the beautiful pieces that you see throughout the pages of our website.
The basic formula required to make glass of any kind is rather simple – with the right mix of sand and other chemicals, you can simply apply a tremendous amount of heat until the mixture melts so that it can be formed properly. Of course, the practice of glass making is considerably more complicated than that general outline. It takes years of experience and practice to become proficient in the practice of making glass products. The vases for sale here at ZX Décor have been produced by quality glass makers who possess all of the necessary equipment and experience to get the job done. Thank you for taking a few moments to visit our blog and learn a little more about glass and glass vases. We hope you will stop by again soon!