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Mirror Vases

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Mirror vases should need little explanation – they are vases with a mirrored finish that can be used in a variety of design settings. While these vases are not going to be right for many design applications, they could work just perfectly when called upon at the right time. Having at least a few mirror pieces in your collection is a good idea, just in case they happen to be necessary when you least expect it. At ZX Décor, we offer a number of different vase styles in a mirror finish, including trumpet glass vases, cube glass vases, and cylinder glass vases. If you don’t see the exact vase you are looking for here on our site, feel free to contact us for assistance.

The purpose of using mirror vases within a design is often to make a space appear bigger than it actually is. Much like an interior designer will use wall mirrors to make a room look bigger, so too can you use a mirror finish on a table vase to add visual space to a party. Of course, these vases also have a functional purpose as they can hold flowers, candles, marbles, and many other items that will bring additional interest to your design. When you combine the visual interest that they offer with the functional purpose, you are left with a piece that can work for you more often than you might have originally thought.

If you are in the market for a collection of mirror vases at great prices, be sure to place your order with ZX Décor. We have a long list of styles for you to pick from, and our extensive inventory means that you can get all of the other items you need from right here on our pages. Shop through our selection of candleholders, wooden pieces, ceramics, and more to fill out your order successfully. We offer great products at wholesale prices, making it easy for anyone to assemble the collection of vases and other decorating pieces that they need to create a memorable event. Thank you for taking the time to visit ZX Décor, and we look forward to hearing from you!