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Decorative Wine Glasses

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ZX Decor offers a unique variety of decorative wine glasses. Our beautiful large collection includes Red and white Wine, Champagne, Brandy and Margarita glass vases. These gorgeous selections make a perfect gift for any wine and spirits lover, and give the recipient another gift to enjoy, once the flower is gone. According to studies for the Vinexpo wine fair in Bordeaux, The United States is expected to be the world's top consumer of wine by 2008, surpassing France. Americans will drink 28 percent more wine in 2008 than they did in 2003, according to the study.

Since earliest times, glass has been admired for its delicate yet enduring beauty. Ordinary utensils made of glass-tumbles, pitchers, and bowls-are often transformed in to objects of art. Small wonder that glass collecting ranks as the third most popular field of collecting in the United States, surpassed only by coins and stamps. It appeals to all ages, budgets, and tastes. Glassware collections are as diverse as the numerous objects, colors, and glass types. Some people collect only certain shapes, such as butter dishes or decanters; others concentrate on a single color, particularly red or blue, or a decorative type, such as carnival glass. Still other collectors focus on the products of one glasshouse or period. While many people simply enjoy the beauty of early American glass, some spend years researching the personal stories behind each piece or the history of a specific factory. Increasingly, American antique glass is being collected as an investment. Various collectors' club are scattered through the country, and antique glass shows and auctions take place practically year-round. Today, interest in collecting American antique glass is at its highest point since collecting in earnest began half a century ago.

This volume covers glass tableware, bowls, decorative wine glasses, and vases made in the United States from Colonial days through World War II.

Familiar tableware-wineglasses, sugar bowls, and plates-is included together with many pieces that are no longer fashionable, such as salt dishes, celery vases, spoon holders, and knife rest. Several kind of glass-late 19th-century pressed, brilliant-cut, and Carnival are still readily available. Glass objects of the 1930s and 1940s, especially Depression glass, are already avidly collected as the antiques of tomorrow. A companion volume covers antique American glass bottles, flasks, lamp, paperweight, and miscellaneous pieces, including doorknobs and dress sets.

Choose ZX Decor decorative wine glasses for your arrangements and impress your customers.